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Sensi Chew CBD Chocolate Caramel

Sensi Chew

Sensi Products started in 2008, in the heart of Silicon Valley from a desire to make safe, effective, and consistent medical marijuana products for family members struggling with health issues. After extensive research and testing, Sensi Products released Sensi Shots and then two years later Sensi Chews. The response from patients has been amazing and their continued feedback and testimonials inspires ongoing exploration of new product ideas and solutions for alternative ways to improve health and wellness.

Today their  leading product is Sensi Chew, a family of 12 chews each designed to address a patient’s unique health needs. The most popular chews are Sensi Chew 100MG Insomnia with Melatonin, Sensi Chew 100MG Energy with caffeine, and Sensi Chew 200MG Extra Strength. Their newer chew additions include pure CBD, such as Sensi Chew Platinum 100MG CBD and Sensi Chew Insomnia Plus 60MG CBD + Melatonin. Sensi Products now offers 3 rations for CBD products to address a range of patient needs, 30/70, 1:1, and pure CBD.


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